About The Best American Nonrequired Reading Committee

Our selection committee consists of a handful of high school students. One
contingent is in the Bay Area and a second is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
These students help Dave Eggers edit The Best American Nonrequired Reading.
Daniel Gumbiner is the book's managing editor; Henry W. Leung and Jia Tolentino
are the assistant managing editors facilitating the committee in Michigan.

This collection, published by Houghton-Mifflin, compiles the country's best
fiction, journalism, essays, comics, and humor every year, and introduces
a large readership to dozens of new writers and publications.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading committee comprising
students from dozens of different high schools meets nearly every week of the
year to read, debate, and compile this offbeat but vital anthology.

Want to say something to us? Contact the BANR committee at
nonrequired@gmail.com. We'll read everything you send us.

Lost but not yet Found in McSweeney's

I laid eyes on the free book fabric container, settling to sitting cross-legged in front of the treasure on a windy Wednesday night just minutes before the 2nd production meeting. Subconciously, I relaxed my grip on the current book I was reading, Life and Death in Shanghai, and removed books from the container like a kid digging a hole in the sandpit. -Sigh-

Two books caught my attention and I decided to take those. Both were just a collection of artwork and before I could think clearly, I was rushed to join the production meeting. Just like that, my library book was abadoned. Left on the carpet, forgotten. Even after two hours of intense lessons about InDesign, even after I boarded my mother's car to head home, even after taking out the content in my backpack to do homework, even after midnight, I did not realize that my book was gone. It was when I was about to read before going to sleep that I discovered it was missing.

I was devastated. Can you believe that? I spent a whole thirty minute looking in the kitchen, in the living room, in my room, in my backpack, in the car to no avail. Sitting down for 45 minutes, running through my labrynth of a mind, I finally saw what had happened. It was when I was savaging through the free book pile. Oh, how disappointed I am in myself for being able to forget that amazing book. My treatment of the book cannot be justified.

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