About The Best American Nonrequired Reading Committee

Our selection committee consists of a handful of high school students. One
contingent is in the Bay Area and a second is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
These students help Dave Eggers edit The Best American Nonrequired Reading.
Daniel Gumbiner is the book's managing editor; Henry W. Leung and Jia Tolentino
are the assistant managing editors facilitating the committee in Michigan.

This collection, published by Houghton-Mifflin, compiles the country's best
fiction, journalism, essays, comics, and humor every year, and introduces
a large readership to dozens of new writers and publications.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading committee comprising
students from dozens of different high schools meets nearly every week of the
year to read, debate, and compile this offbeat but vital anthology.

Want to say something to us? Contact the BANR committee at
nonrequired@gmail.com. We'll read everything you send us.

Thoughts by Terence

I am going to continue bringing reading in. Hopefully I will get them photocopied in time, but after this week, wrestling season would end and I will have a bit more spare time before 6 pm to get reading material copied.

Let's see, make sure to make more than just 5 copies, at least 10 then.

See everyone on Tueday, 2/19/08 then.

Also, I looked at the prelim sketches and I cannot wait until something amazing happens and BAM, super attractive cover with lots of stuff in it.

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